BioQuantum Skincare with DMT Scalar Technology

What Makes Us Different?

What Makes Us Different?

We are tapping into a new understanding of the molecular mechanisms of skin renewal, regeneration can be brought beyond what has been studied through science. 

Adding Scalar Frequencies of DMT through the Evo Technology works on advancing Molecular intelligence to move into its highest potential. We are advancing skin care to enhance DNA and telomere health.

The Evo Technology delivers vital frequencies such as Vitamin C, NAD and Coenzyme Q10 to boost Mitochondria health enhancing active molecules, supporting healthy cell division.  But we don’t stop there.  Each product is holding the frequency of DMT, 963 Hertz.  This frequency activates dormant DNA codes and supports higher states of cellular consciousness.  

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Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator

The Scalar 33 ORMUS Activator not only supports telomere and mitochondrial health, but also begins to activate DMT and awaken the cells into higher consciousness.  It is time to activate the Advanced Human and witness just how limitless we truly are!  Are you ready for the NEXT in Biohacking?  100% human potential is stored within you.

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Tap into your body and boost physical and cognitive performance to experience the Advanced Human! 

Up-level your energy to optimize your workout, focus time/ clear thought, overall wellbeing while strengthening your guidance system to create your best life!

The DNA holds an intelligence that has the ability to access specific information beyond the programming that holds the body in limitation.  We can experience this as density, fatigue, illness, aging, depression, anxiety or lack or cognitive function. 

Most of us have an innate knowing that we should have complete control over our biology, our thoughts and experience this through the energy our body holds, but become confused when our efforts fall short.  

The truth is our bodies and DNA are more magnificent than the most advanced technology out there.  We ARE the most advanced technology. 

, Breaking Quantum Physics!

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Learn the DMT Coded Face Lift! And receive 4 weeks of the DMT Scalar Transmissions!

Attention Biohacking Business Opportunists!

The biohacking market is growing at quantum speed and now is the opportune time to launch BioQuantum Skincare into your business.  

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